Taking Time Out – An Update

Last week, we shared the story of one of our recent guests and whilst it’s always a pleasure to see what happens during their time with us, we often wonder what happens when they return home.

Yes, we do have the privilege of meeting many of our guests time and time again so we do get to know them very well. But like we said, sometimes, we do often sit and think about people who we have seen make significant changes.

This week, we had the pleasure of receiving an e-mail from Lisa, giving us a quick update so we thought that we would share it with you all because it really touched us a great deal.

Here’s what she had to say.

Hi guys. I just wanted to update you on my progress as I have felt so good since I left the retreat. I came home feeling energised and with my stress under control.

I have stuck to all my resolutions and my dry January has been a great success with two planned evenings when I had a couple of glasses of wine.

I bought a juicer and am enjoying making all sorts of strange concoctions. I’ve eaten more vegetables and pulses and again made some very interesting concoctions inspired by Fuel!

I’ve even rebounded twice and returned to yoga. Boxing had to be put on hold though and everyone has told me how well I’m looking.

This is great as I have a couple of huge challenges in progress. My mum is moving next week and I am organising the move so it will be fun. I’m also going to be living in Aberdeen part time to support Mum and my husband and I have agreed that we will move back to Scotland in a couple of years when he retires.

On top of that, I will be having my knee operation next month so it is all happening but the good thing is that I feel able to handle it all and am excited instead of anxious like I have been in the past.

In summary, I look and feel so much better than I did on 4th January and want to thank for an excellent kick up the bum! Timing is everything and it was absolutely the right time for me to meet you both.

The retreat and the love and support you give is outstanding.

Long may you work your magic and I hope we meet again soon – my “Return to D-Toxd” fund also has £290 in it – 29 days alcohol free and like I said, putting in my £10 every day I choose not to drink.

With love and best wishes, hoping that you are both well, bouncy and fit.”

Reading this e-mail really did inspire us a lot.

When people come and spend time with us, we really do our best to make sure that they get as much out of their time with us as possible.

For us, every week is unique and it really is an opportunity for us to do everything we can to help out wherever possible.

Thank you Lisa for letting us know how you have been getting on and we can’t wait to see you again in the future.


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