#fiveways To Eat More Mindfully

For us, the definition of mindful eating is quite simple.

It’s about eating with all of your senses whilst giving yourself permission to feel what happens before, during and after your meal.

Yet in today’s busy world, we are all in such a rush to get things done that we don’t really pay that much attention to what we’re eating or, more importantly, HOW we are eating

We speak about it a little bit in our Recipe Book, FUEL, and we often discuss it with guests at our Retreat, helping and supporting them to become more aware of the actual process of eating.

When we pay attention to how we eat, a number of things happen.

  • We eat less because we give our bodies time to register what is going on. As a result, we tend to avoid binging. 
  • We make better food choices which, if you’re worried about weight, means less calories, more nutrients and better weight.
  • We are more relaxed so the body doesn’t have an “stress stuff” flowing around it which can interfere with how we feel when we eat.
  • We feel more energised because we actually take the time to chew our food properly, thereby supporting the body in the digestive process.
  • And most of all, we control what we are eating rather than let the food control us.

So we thought that we would sum up our top #fiveways to help you sit back and enjoy your food a little bit more.

Location Counts

Where you eat is just as important as how (and what) you eat. Here’s a few things to think about right now. How often do you eat “on the go?” – that’s in the car or whilst commuting.

Do you eat whilst watching TV, in front of your computer while working or scrolling through social media on your phone?

Eating in these ways are usually mindless, leading to overeating, unhealthier options or simply not enjoying your meal at all.

Routine Matters

Do your best not to rush around at meal times.

Create a habit of scheduling in your meals where you have enough time to enjoy them and are unlikely to be interrupted. Make an “eating space” for yourself and always sit down when eating your meal which means you’re avoiding standing in the kitchen, at the counter or in front of the fridge.

There is a reason why we put some much time and effort into creating the meals at our Retreat because we start eating before we even open our mouths. So take time to plate up your meals, making them look tasty and enjoyable.

Free Hand

We often joke that people might need surgery for this one and yes, it can feel a little strange at first, but often, we “eat ahead of ourselves.” Meaning, we are already loading up the next mouthful before we’ve even finished the one we’ve just put in our mouths.

Putting down your knife and fork between mouthfuls result in you making a conscious effort to chew your food properly, thereby giving your body “help” to digest it better – and eat less in the process.

Sweet Melodies

Have you ever sat back and listened to the background music playing in restaurants?

It’s done for a specific reason, depending on what sort of restaurant it is.

Some places will want tables turned around quickly and others want you to spend more time there – so they will vary what they play.

Music not only affects how fast we eat, but it all affects the entire eating process from start to finish. Something to think about, right ?

Enjoy it

Most people say that they enjoy food, however, we challenge you on that.

If you enjoy food, you will take time to truly savour and taste it, using your senses to notice what it looks like, how it smells and the speed you eat it at.

You don’t rush your meal or eat for the sake of eating because you realise that food is there to nourish your body and provide it with what it needs to function properly. The strong hard truth is that most people enjoy eating rather than enjoying food.

And when you take notice of what you eat, you feel much better !

So there you have it ! Our Top Five Ways to help you eat more mindfully.

What would you add to the list because we’re always on the lookout to provide more helpful tips for our guests every week and yours could just appear on the list.


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