Why, What, How and Who – Part 1

It’s that time of the year when we sit back, reflect and think about the last 12 months. The things we have done and more often than not, the things we haven’t.

The plans that we set out to achieve at the beginning of the year compared to what we have done by the end of the year.

Sometimes, it’s a conscious thing that we sit down and do and other times, it’s a fleeting thought and a quick “oh well, maybe this year.”

For us, personally and business-wise, we always take time out at the end of the year to review things. To take a look at what’s gone on in the last year and what we can learn from it.

But more importantly, to create a plan to follow for the year ahead. After all, it’s an opportunity to change things, to re-evaluate what you want to do but, more importantly, to make a plan because, without it, it’s kind of like wondering in the wilderness without having an idea of where you’re headed.

So we thought that we would share 4 key things that we take into account when creating a plan for the New Year ahead of us and in this edition, we’re going to cover the first 2 !

Step 1 – Why

For us, it all starts with WHY. If you’ve read Inside Out, you will know that a big part of everything we do starts with WHY.

Let’s take weight for example, given that many people come and stay with us because they want to lose weight.

Identifying WHY it is exactly that you would like to shift weight starts to create an internal shift that gets you thinking differently.

Maybe you want to feel better about yourself or it could be that you want to have more energy so that you can spend time with the people that you love.

Whatever it is, keep asking yourself WHY and you’ll know when you truly connect with it because it can make some people feel a little emotional.

When we think of our business, our WHY is because we never, ever want people to feel like giving up and that there is no way out of wherever they are stuck. We want people to feel that life is a truly special gift that isn’t taken for granted. After all, in our lives, we’ve been to hell and back and don’t want anyone to go there so that’s why we share what we share and why we do the work we continue to do regardless of what happens.

When we focus on those things, it makes the challenging times easier to navigate.

And everyone is going to have a different WHY. Some people will have a large one and for others, it will be pretty simple to identify but whatever it is, finding that driving force behind everything is a pretty important step to start with.

Step 2 – WHAT

When it comes to creating a plan, there’s one thing that holds people back and that is fear.

And with that fear there is often a lack of clarity so we just give ourselves one of two things.

We’re either extremely vague about what we want to achieve.

Or we’re set extremely high standards for ourselves that stretch us way beyond our comfort zones and if you know us, you’ll know we say to step out your comfort zone but sometimes, we really do set ourselves up for “failure” before we even start.

As one of our coaches says, when you set out do something it must make you scared and excited at the same time. If it just makes you scared, scale it back a little bit until you feel a little excitement as it’s that excitement that will make you want to start moving.

With our WHAT, we need to have a little bit of clarity so that we can start to get specific.

Taking weight again as our example – there’s a big difference between “I would like to lose some weight” and “I would like to lose 2 stone.”

And taking it one step further, there’s a big difference between “I would like to lose 2 stone in 2 months” and “I would like to lose 2 stone in a week.”

When you’re looking at your WHAT, it’s important to have something that is both tangible and measurable but don’t worry about it too much for now as we will go into that in the next edition.

Regardless of what you would like to achieve this coming year, make sure you have some clarity and specificity on what you would like to do.

See you next week for Part 2 !

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