8 Realities Of Life To Accept To Be Happy

Life is all about learning lessons, taking the trials and tribulations we go through and turning them into opportunities but most of all, as cliché as it sounds, “living your best life” and making the most of every moment.

We often get caught up in the “same old, same old” of our daily routine and before we know it, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and all of a sudden, another year has passed us by.

2019 has definitely been one of those years that has forced us, as a business and individuals, to reflect on things and in doing so, it’s made us look at a few realities, accept them and use them to help us grow and learn.

So today, we thought that we would share some of them with you.

Keep Special People Close To our Heart

People will come and people will go. People will help you and people will hurt you. People will do unexpected things – some will be pleasant and some, well, not so pleasant. But there will be people around you who cheer for you, who encourage you, who support you and who care about you. Treat them well – they are like diamonds and pretty rare. They are the ones you know you can rely on during good times and bad so keep them close.

Relationships Require Work

Relationships aren’t just romantic – they’re what we have with every person we encounter, whether they are around for a short while or a long time. And those relationships require constant effort, just like watering a garden and tending to it. You will go through rough patches and it’s those times that truly test a relationship and how you get through them. Working through those difficult periods will not only strengthen the bond but will help you all to learn about one another and become a stronger team.

The Grass Isn’t Greener On The Other Side

Too often, we look around us and compare ourselves to people – what they are doing, how they live, what they have achieved and so much more. We think to ourselves, “well, if I just do xyz, then things will be better than where I am now.” But this isn’t the case. The grass is greener where we water it, where we tend to it, where we make the most of what we’ve been giving. Maybe some weeding needs to be done ? Maybe we need to plant some new seeds ? Just focus on your garden, tend to it every single day and with hard work, persistence and dedication, it will be green.

Nobody Owes You a Thing

Sounds harsh but is so true. We are each responsible for our own lives, what we do and how we show up. If people do things for us, take them as an unexpected and pleasant gift. If you do something for someone, do it without expectation of anything in return and do it because you simply want to do it. If you want something, go out there, do the hard graft and earn it because nobody is going to do it for you.

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

For many people, this is a truly difficult one and one that holds us back from achieving so much. We feel that we have to struggle through things alone. We even feel that we don’t deserve to be helped too. But when you work on your relationships, treat people well and show up as you, people will be willing to help you and it’s up to you to reach out and ask. Asking for help gives other people the opportunity to share their strengths and experience with you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand for What You Believe In

People are going to disagree with you. People are going to do things that cause you to question yourself. People are going to change their minds. But stick firm to what you believe in, stand up for yourself when you need to and let go of the need to push your beliefs onto someone on. Share you beliefs when asked to but live by them so that people know what you stand for. You will attract people who believe the same thing and you will repel those who don’t.

Making Peace With Yourself Will Bring You Real Happiness

We often try to “fit into” the world. Depending on who we are with, we change how we behave. We’re constantly playing different roles to suit our surroundings and we seek our validation and sense of self worth from the response of other people.  The only person you require validation from is yourself. Make peace with your past, be kind to your demons and just be YOU ! When you do, it’s easie to see people for what they are and accept them as they are without the need to put them down or criticize them. Oh, and one more thing, only people who aren’t happy with themselves will put you down because there’s something about you being at peace with yourself that will irritate others because they aren’t there too.

Always Be Kind

Being kind doesn’t mean being a “push over” and allowing people to take advantage of you. It means that you are able to empathise with where people are at because you are at peace with who you are. It means that you will treat people who you wish to be treated, regardless of how they behave because when you follow the other lessons above, you will be surrounded by people who appreciate what you do and will stand firm in what you believe, knowing that other people are entitled to their beliefs and it’s not up to you to “have to” believe the same. People will talk about you behind your back and say things that may potentially cause you hurt. Don’t do the same thing. As they say, if you have nothing nice to say, simply keep quiet.


So ! What’s your thoughts ? What would you add to the list because we would LOVE to hear !


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