6 Tips To Keep You On Track When You’re Busy

Sometimes life can get pretty busy and it can be difficult to fit in all those healthy things we need to do to stay, well, healthy !!

Work can get in the way. Family commitments come up. Unexpected events happen.

That’s how life goes and when things like that happen, our routine gets interrupted and yes, it can be challenging to fit everything in.

So we thought that we would put together a collection of quick and easy things to do in order to simply keep things up.

Physically Connect To Your Body

Before you even start your day, do something physical that will get you back into your body. It could be a quick walk around the block with the dogs, a basic stretch, some squats or calf raises while you’re brushing your teeth or making your cup of tea or even a few leg raises while you’re lying in bed. Just do something.

Re-hydrate First

As soon as you get out of bed, before you make your first cup of tea, pour yourself a glass of water and get it down you. During the night, your body dehydrates as you sweat, breath and process things while you sleep. Get your body hydrated before you even get going.

Plan Before You Get Busy

When we’re busy, it’s easy to just eat anything. It can also be difficult to think about, or decide, what to eat. So why not spend a bit of time creating a list of “go to” meals for those busy periods. Make a note of them. Stick them on the fridge and use them as a reference when you’re stuck.

Regular Verticality

OK – so that might not be a real word but if you spend long periods of time sitting at a desk or travelling, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stand up and walk around ever hour. Use this time to stretch and simply move around a bit.

Slow Down and Chew

OK, so you haven’t had time to prepare yourself a decent meal and have opted for a take away. There’s still no reason to rush it down in front of your computer whilst checking emails. Eating slowly, making sure you’re chewing your food properly, helps your body do more with it rather than just gulping it down. You’ll also find that eating slower reduces the amount you eat too.

Get Thankful

Before you switch off and go to sleep, take a few moments to think of just 3 things you were grateful for from the day just gone by. Either write them down or play them over in our mind just to experience that feeling of gratitude. Not only does this help improve your sleep quality (because you’ll be having positive emotions rather than worrying about things) but when done regularly, it also helps you notice more of the good things taking place around you as they happen.

So there you have it ! Which ones will you incorporate and what suggestions do you have to help keep you on track during busy times ?





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