6 Things To Look At When You Don’t See Results

So there you are ! You’ve decided that being healthy, getting fit and losing weight has become a priority.

You’ve started exercising more, looking at what you’re eating and making sure you’re doing the “right” things to keep you on track.

And you start seeing results. You feel motivated and inspired so you keep at it.

But then something happens.

Your results start changing. Things seem to be slowing down. You’re not feeling as good as you did when you began this new chapter. Your motivation is slowly going and you are getting a little disappointed in what’s going on because you’re still going through the motions and doing all the things you are supposed to be doing so why is this happening ?

We hear this “story” often and this is also the point where people either give up or try something new.

But often, there are a few things that could be going on so we thought we’d share some of our insights into what’s happening when you stop seeing the results you’re hoping for.

You’re Not Pushing Yourself

Now, we’re not saying you’re not exercising but remember when you started out and how out of breath you were ? That’s what started the “shift” but as you continue, your fitness levels naturally improve so, by nature, we don’t exert the same amount of effort like we first did. Just turning up and doing a class isn’t enough – we’ve got to keep that level of exertion up in order to expend the same amount of energy as we did when we first started out.

The Same Old Same Old

You’ve found a class or exercise you really enjoy so you do it regularly. That’s a good thing in terms of moving but if results are what you’re looking for, variety is what is required and you might find that you’ve been doing the same thing for too long and your body has gotten comfortable with it all. Try something new for a change, mix it up a little bit.

You Keep Getting The Same Injuries

It’s natural when you exercise. We all get injuries because sometimes, we just don’t take time to listen to our bodies. We push ourselves a little bit too much when we’re tired or we try and take shortcuts. Injuries are an indicator that something needs to change – maybe you need to work on your flexibility and core / general strength in order to maintain the level of exercise that you might be doing. Or, it could be a sign that you need to slow down a little bit and take a rest day or 2.

You’ve Put on Weight

There could be 2 very valid reasons for this. The first being that you’re gaining muscle – muscle weighs more than fat – so if you’ve put on weight, take a look at your body shape and more importantly, notice how you physically feel. The second reason could be stress levels which affect the body in a number of different ways and we’re not here to go into those. However, if your stress has increased, take a look at what you’re eating and if any dietary changes have happened. Often, when we’re stressed, we tend to eat more and don’t necessarily notice it.

Motivation Moves Out

You begin to notice that when it comes time to exercise, you don’t really feel up to it and planning your meals, or watching what you eat irritates you a little bit. Motivation is a strange things and it’s like the weather – it comes and goes. If you’re motivation has changed, maybe it’s time to reassess your personal goals to take a look at WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s what started you out on this journey and sometimes, it’s good to reconnect.

You’re Human

Here’s the thing !! What if this is as good as it gets ? What if you’ve reached your ideal weight for your current situation ? What if you miss a day or 2 every now and then ? What if your body is happy but your mind isn’t ? The whole thing with living a healthy life is that too often, our happiness and satisfaction is determined by a number. As we get older, things work differently and no, we don’t use that as an excuse – we use it as a real thing that happens in the human body. There is no way that we can have the body we used to have when we were X years old. We all have our limitations and there comes a time when our body simply needs a break.  There comes a time when we have to be honest with ourselves and take a look at the “numbers” and ask what really needs to change. And then work on making that change.

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