4 Ways To Show Up and Keep Going When #Stress Feels Like It’s Getting The Better of You


Sometimes, it’s easy to share your views on health and healthy living when you’re feeling good.

On Social Media, it’s easy to show a highlight reel without going “behind the scenes” and sometimes, even we scroll through our newsfeed and question whether we’re doing things right or not based on what we watch or read.

But life isn’t like that at all.

Sometimes, things do get the better of us.

Stress builds up.

Our energy levels drop and we feel pretty rundown, overwhelmed and, to be quite honest, pretty shit.

But it’s during those times that we dig deep.

We tap into what we have learned along the way.

And we find a way to get out of our own way and put it into practice.

So how do you show up, do your best and carry on when you feel like everything is getting to you ?

Here’s some of our top tips to help you get through those tough moments.

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Find Someone To Talk AT

Talking is great and sometimes, we just need to get things off our chests so talking AT someone rather than talking to them goes a long way towards helping with this.

Find someone you trust and can talk to and simply say “I just need to get things out.”

Too often, we keep things bottled up inside of us and rather than saying anything, we simply carry on, pretending that everything is OK. Yet a simple offload does us the world of good.

Blog - Create a List

Create a Stress List

A large contributor towards stress is the internal perception we have of the things we are going through.

Over time, things build up. We’re human. We all put things off from time to time and say we’re going to get back to them.

And when we do, the brain hangs on to them and they’re rolling around in our minds like tennis balls in the trunk of the car – constantly there, constantly rolling around until we attend to them.

So sitting down, taking those “tennis balls” out of the trunk, and writing them down helps us to create a list that we look at so that we can do 2 things.

The first – to see it for what it is.

The second – to start doing something about each individual tennis ball, one ball at a time.


Introduce Mini Breaks

If you’re anything like us, business always has to keep going because if it doesn’t, well, then there’s no business.

And in itself, that can be hugely stressful too, adding to the load all the time.

It can be difficult to take a significant period of time out, just to rest, even though it is necessary so introducing small, mini breaks into your regular routine helps you to build up energy levels to keep moving.

Just 10 minutes of quiet meditation to start your day really makes a difference in how you approach things.

Regular small breaks throughout the day, either to just go for a short walk or sit down and focus on your breathing.

Picking up the phone to call a friend or loved on just to say hello and that you’re thinking of them.

All these things contribute towards periods of rest that help re-energise you and remind you why you’re working the way you are.

Blog - Finish Work

Avoid Social Media

Like we said earlier, sometimes all we see on Social Media is positivity and a high light reel and yes, whilst that can be extremely helpful, during challenging times it can get to you.

Most people don’t like to admit that they struggle sometimes and then there are those that live in a constant state of stress, looking for ways to find attention so we respond in our own ways.

Either we question ourselves and say “how come I can’t just deal with this right now?” so we pretend and carry on, thinking that we might be doing something wrong.

Or we say “if I was to say how I was really feeling, people would look at me differently or think I was seeking attention” so again, we pretend and carry on.

Avoiding Social Media for a while makes a huge difference and recently, an internet connection problem at home took me offline for a few days.

At first, it was a challenge but after a couple of hours, it was freeing. I was more productive. I got more done. I wrote things I wouldn’t normally write and I had more time to myself.

The break renewed my relationship with Social Media and got me to see that there was a level of stress that was being created as a result of being on it which I didn’t realize at the time and contributed to other things.

thnking too much

OK, we said there was gonna be 4 but whilst writing, another one came up that, at first made us slightly uncomfortable but then we realized that maybe that was because it needed to be said.

Be Honest With Yourself

Sometimes, this one is the hardest thing to do and the most uncomfortable and challenging but, at the same time, the most liberating.

We all know that we have NO control over how other people behave around us but one thing we do have control over is how we react and respond.

Stress doesn’t just happen all at once and for us, there is a large difference between something totally unexpected and stress building up.

When we’re honest with ourselves we can sit down and say “OK, what signs have I been ignoring or not taking any notice of that have led to this happening right now?”

That takes self honesty because often, if we look at it, there may have been things we’ve been avoiding doing or putting off that needed to be done and now, they HAVE to be done.

So maybe right now, there are things that you have been avoiding that it’s time to sit down and tackle head on.



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