7 Ways to Naturally Improve Your #EnergyLevels

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Are you the type of person who has more day left at the end of your energy levels than energy left over at the end of your day ?

Many of us fall into the former – we wake up in the morning feeling less-than-rested and before we even start the day, our energy levels are low.

As the day continues, our concentration levels struggle, we get irritated easily and we go through periods where we feel like we are going to fall asleep on our feet or at our desks.

So in order to give ourselves a boost, we have a strong coffee or a donut or a chocolate bar to temporarily feel a little bit better.

But before you know, that boost of energy has disappeared like a fart in perfume factory and we’re back to square one, hunting desperately for a quick energy fix to get us through the day so we can go home, tired and drained.

Because we’re so worn out, we grab a ready meal or takeaway on the way home and crash on the couch, in front of the TV with an easy meal on our laps, hoping we finish it quickly so we can drag ourselves off to bed.

OK, so this might sound a little exaggerated but we have all had periods in our lives like this where energy seems to be something we don’t have any access to.

So we thought that we would put together a few suggestions for you to boost your energy levels naturally, making sure that you get to the end of the day with a little bit left over so you can enjoy your evenings instead of crawling into bed, exhausted and drained.


Create a Better Bed Time Routine

Did you know that many of us actually don’t get quality rest simply because we don’t have a decent bed time routine. We lie in bed, scrolling through social media or checking emails one last time or we fall asleep in front of the TV and then drag ourselves off to bed a few hours later.

It takes a while for your brain to switch off enough for you to go to sleep to start your bed time routine earlier.

Switch of TV and Social Media at least 30 minutes before you get into bed so that you give your brain time to process everything.

Keep your bedroom neat and tidy and cool – a cooler and calmer sleeping environment makes you feel more relaxed.

Do some journaling before bed, especially if you have had a stressful day – that way, you allow yourself to process some of the major emotions rather than having them be processed whilst you sleep.

Have a bath or shower before you get into bed to help relax your body.

Table Stuff

Avoid Processed Sugar

This is an obvious one that we have all heard before so it is worth repeating.

Processed sugar ALWAYS comes with a crash, leaving us feeling even more drained and tired before due to the fact that it causes your blood sugars to rise quickly. As a result, your body releases large amounts of insulin to break down the sugars – and often releases more than we actually need due to the dose of sugar we have ingested.

Our body NEEDS a certain amount of sugar, so it’s easy to crave it, especially when we are low on energy. But the truth is that our body turns everything we eat into sugar (glucose) so sweeteners really are for the sweet taste, not to provide fuel for day-to-day lives.

The “dangerous” thing about processed sugar is that we get physically addicted to it and overcoming that addiction can be challenging – we’ll leave that for another time.

So what can you do instead ?

A piece of fruit which gives your body more to process than just sugar.

Health, natural alternatives that you can make in advance and keep handy such us nut bars or energy balls.

Increase your “healthy fat” and protein intake so that you stay “full” for longer – nuts and seeds, fish or avocado or coconut are great ways to do this.

Blog - Drink Water

Keep Well Watered

Have you noticed what happens to a plant when you don’t water it ? It starts to droop and if left unattended to for long, it curls up and dies.

The same happens with the cells in our body – they need water to keep them fresh, alive and moving and without water, they get sluggish and move slowly.

When this happens, the nutrients don’t get transported around our body the way that we need them to be so we’re not physically getting the energy and good stuff to all the parts that need it.

So keeping hydrated keeps things flowing and working properly.

Often, a big glass of refreshing water does wonders for your energy levels so make sure you keep well hydrated throughout the day.


Get Outside

Another sign of tiredness is the lack of oxygen in the body so if you’re feeling tired, take a mini break.

Get up and move. Go and jump up and down on the spot, do a few star jumps or have a brisk walk.

Go outside and get some fresh air. Get things flowing again so your brain, which uses the most energy in your body, can function properly – we can often feel drained because our brain has drawn up all the energy it needs to keep it functioning.

That’s why we get tired or yawn – because the brain is screaming out for energy to be increased.


Have a Shot

And no, we don’t mean tequila or vodka !

Did you know that shots of ginger or lemon physically give you a boost ?

That’s why we like to make Ginger Shots for our guests at our Retreat because they literally feel the effects immediately.

So if juicing is a part of your lifestyle, here’s a few natural combinations that you can make in advance and keep in the fridge – think of them like nature’s coffee shots.

Ginger, lemon and apple

Carrot, orange and ginger

Beetroot, lime and ginger – be careful of this one because it’s one of the best !

Orange, lemon and ginger

Singing In The Shower

Joke Around

Did you know that laughter increases your energy levels ?

Not only that but it also reduces stress.

Find something funny to watch on YouTube for a few minutes that gets you giggling.

When you get the giggles, you have no option but to make sure you’re breathing and like we said before, oxygen helps !

You’ll even get a good ab workout too if you laugh hard enough !

d-toxd - be more mindful

Change Your Posture

OK, so this one is slightly similar to one we mentioned earlier but sometimes, the way we physically carry ourselves affects our mood and energy levels.

Have you ever laughed when you are slumped over ?

Or noticed how you feel when you smile or frown ?

Changing your physiology really can impact your energy levels so look at how you are sitting right now or how you are standing.

Are you sitting up straight, shoulders back and head level or are you slightly slouched over ?

Sometimes, simply exaggerating the way you sit or stand for a few seconds can have an impact on how you feel.

So which one are you going to try today ?

And what suggestions would you have to add to our list ?




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