Are You Ready for #sticktoitseptember ?


It’s the end of another month and there’s just 4 months left to go of 2019 !

Funny how time goes at the same pace every day yet flies by at a rate of knots too.

Before you know it, another year will be done so with this in mind, we had a thought to help us all make the most of what’s left of 2019 !

Introducing #sticktoitseptember – an opportunity for us all to be consistent.

When it comes to change, the main reason we see people “fail” to follow through on things is because they try to do TOO MANY things drastically differently and, as a result, after a few days they slip back into old habits because there’s just too much going on that they’re not used to.

But what we have learned is that creating consistency around the small and simple things makes a huge difference.

Once you get the hang of the small, simple things, it’s a lot easier to focus on the next change.

And then the next !

Because those simple things have slowly become something you just DO – and that’s the KEY component to being healthy and happy.

Making it all a part of your life.

So this month, we’re going to encourage you to choose JUST ONE THING that you’re going to stick to.

ONE simple thing.

And together, we are going to do that thing together.

Because we, as a team, will be joining you all to for #sticktoitseptember !!

The question is this though !!!

Will you be joining in ?

P.S. If you’re on Facebook, we have created a brand new Support Group to help you stay focused, accountable and on track so why not head on over and join us ?

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