What’s Your Favourite Excuse ?

hop scotch

Everyone has things that they would like to do.

Maybe it’s a fitness or weight goal that you would like to achieve.

Or it could be a change of career or more travelling.

There’s people who want to start a new hobby or write a book.

Whatever it is, we all have that “thing” that we secretly dream about when the lights are off and nobody is around.

And often, we don’t start or, we make a few tentative enquiries and give up just as we leave the starting blocks.

We return to how things were but sooner or later, we start to think about things again.

We daydream.

Maybe we make a few notes or start to learn something new.

And so it carries on.


But there’s something that holds most people back and that “thing” is the excuses we continually use.

The reality of the situation is that the distance between where you are right now and where you really want to be can be measured by the number of excuses you make and use every single day.

It’s a bitter pill to sometimes swallow when we first hear it but think about your “thing” right now.

Why haven’t you done it yet ?

Why haven’t you started working on it ?

What’s the reason behind why it is maybe not for you ?

Those answers you have coming up right now will be the key that you can use to unlock the door towards your goals.

Because excuses, when we use them consistently, become our reality.

We convince ourselves so much that they are real that we begin to lose sight of what is really going on.

They start to blur our reality and we start to lose sight of what is actually causing them.

They actually begin to become “valid reasons” in our minds as to why certain things do not apply to us or we’re not eligible for them.


But if they were our reality, and we genuinely had a reason to NOT do something, why then does it keep popping up ?

Why do we keep thinking about that “thing” and then talking ourselves out of it ?

For us, behind every excuse is a fear.

A (sometimes) deep seated fear that holds us back, that stops us from taking action, that creates stumbling block in our minds before we even start.

We all have them.

We all use them daily whether we realize it or not.

Yet like we said, sometimes they have blurred our sight that they have become a physical and mental limitation for us that stops us from seeing our true potential.

So today, take a look at a few of those “things” that you have been putting off and ask yourself THAT question: –

What’s really holding me back from doing this ?

What’s my excuse ?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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