Where Does #healthyliving Living Start ?

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Today, we were having a discussion about all things health focused because that’s one of the topics that we LOVE to talk about and if you’ve spent time with us at our Retreat, you’ll know how passionate we are about it.

It’s such a broad topic that it is quite difficult to say where it actually starts and what we have realized is that it differs from person to person.

Some schools of thought say that it is simply a case of “stop eating that way” and “start eating this way” yet why is it that so many people struggle to do this ?

Others say that you just get yourself a Personal Trainer or join a gym, start doing exercise and you’ll start seeing results.

But if it was that simple, why then, do so many people struggle with things like food and exercise and drinking when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle ?

Why is it that there is a continual stream of new eating and exercise fads, weight loss programs and meal plans for people to follow that fade out and aren’t stuck too ?


For us, there is one thing we find to be true.

We live how we have been taught to how to live.

Whether we like it or not, every action that we take, thought that we think, belief that we hold and decision that we make surrounding healthy living has been taught to us.

We’ve been taught to eat or exercise in a certain way by our parents who fed us the food we had growing up.

Along the way, we’ve been taught that certain things (or food in general) means something to us, whether we realize it or not. And all those things that we have been taught – they have become second nature to us or actions that we often don’t even think about too much.


And thankfully, there’s a big however in there.


Sometimes in our lives, we reach a point where we realize that everything we have been taught to do (or the actions we continually take) have led us to be in a certain state of health.

Maybe we have gained way more weight than we had ever hoped to or we have ended up ill in some way.

We sit down, take a look around us and realize that something has to change.

Naturally, especially when it comes to healthy living, we immediately think of either a “diet” or an “exercise” plan.

We start seeing changes and noticing differences.

So we decide to “treat” ourselves or “take a day off” or whatever it is that we do.

And that one turns into two which turns into three and before we know it, old habits have crept in and things aren’t what we had hoped they would be.

Or, in some cases, especially when it comes to weight, we “lose” what we had hoped to lose and realize that maybe it wasn’t the weight that was creating the discomfort in the first place.


That’s why we were having the discussion because we were trying to understand where it all actually starts.

Is it simply a case of eating better and then exercising more that makes you healthy ?

Will eating better and exercising more bring you happiness ?

Is that happiness a contributor to being healthy ?

One thing we both agreed on, simply because we both approach health from a completely different perspective, is this.

It starts with a decision.

Whatever action you’re about to take is going to start at the point – making a decision to do something.

Either you do the same thing you’ve always done or you do something different.

Before you go to the gym, you make a decision about whether you’re going to go and what you’re going to do.

The same applies to the meals you prepare for yourself and the food you go out and buy.

thnking too much


We also make a decision about HOW we are going to approach whatever it is that we are going to do and WHAT we think about it.

And for us, it’s that decision that drives how healthy we choose to live.

It drives how we buy our food and how we prepare it and eat it and how we work out and how much we enjoy it.

So today, we encourage you to sit down and spend a few moments thinking. Maybe get yourself a pen and paper and make a few notes.

WHAT does healthy living mean to YOU ?

When it comes to “healthy” food and exercise, what are the FIRST thoughts that pop into your mind ?

What does HEALTHY look like ?

And here’s another one to think about – how have you been taught to be healthy ?

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If you are totally honest with yourself, the answers to those questions will determine where things start for you.

To know if you’re being honest with yourself – how is your health right now ? Would you consider yourself to be healthy ? Because your body is always going to reflect the results of those decisions that you’re making deep down inside.

It’s a really interesting topic and we would LOVE to hear what you think.

Where does it all start for you and what would it mean to you to “be healthy?”

Let us know.



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