Whats Stopping You From #change ?

D-Toxd - Leap of Faith

For most people, change is never easy.

We find ourselves in situations that don’t make us happy and that cause us stress.

We get frustrated and think about doing things differently.

And then, after a few days, we continue as we always have been.

hop scotch

Sooner or later, we reach that point again where we’re not happy.

We may have made small changes but slowly, we’ve slipped back into old habits and hoped that things would be different the next time around.

Often when it comes to change, we (quite literally) want to change everything all at once.

Let’s look at health for example – we’re going to completely change how we eat, start juicing every day, join the gym, get a personal trainer, drink more water, stretch every day, meditate to relieve our stress every evening and read a self help book a week.

And then something totally unexpected happens that interrupts our well laid out plans and we miss a few “things” off the list – maybe we didn’t have time to prepare our meals or we couldn’t make the gym due to a family emergency.

d-toxd refocus

We get angry with ourselves and before you know it, the whole plan is out of the window.

Whilst making big changes isn’t impossible, it does require a HUGE amount of effort, commitment and determination.

But here’s the “thing” that we find holds many people back from making changes – and sticking to them.


Maybe it’s the fear of failure.

For some, it might be the fear of pain or discomfort.

Then there’s the fear of criticism and worrying what other people might think.

Could it be the fear of new things and how do I cope with these changes ?

Or, believe it or not, some people even have a fear of success too.

D-Toxd - Social Media 2

Whatever it is, change requires a certain leap of faith into the unknown because, after all, if we want something new in our lives that is different to what we have right now, it’s gonna mean that we gotta do new things and, quite literally, learn how to BE a different person.

So today, what’s that leap of faith that you need to take into the unknown to start making those changes that you’ve been putting off making ?

What’s the fear that is really holding you back from being consistent with your new actions ?

Makes you think, doesn’t it ?

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