5 Tips to Help You #havemorefun in Life

D-Toxd - Revival Tip #5

Do you remember when you were a child, how fun life was at times ?

Every day was an exciting adventure where something new was learned and you simply lived in the moment ?

I (Gareth) will be honest right here because, for me, childhood wasn’t exactly an enjoyable experience and when I look back, I find it difficult to remember happy times.

But that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any when I really give myself permission to go back there.

Waiting excitedly for Mom to come home at the end of the day.

Playing with my sister in the garden, “cooking” things from plants and flowers that were growing all around us.

And one of my favourite things to do was helping my Mom to sort out her “button box” when she was sewing. She had this big tin of different buttons that I would sit and spend ages sorting out – putting all the different shapes and colours together.


As we grow up, I guess you could say we go through things in life that disconnect us from that childlike innocence and fun approach to life.

Life becomes serious.

We have families of our own.

We get jobs and start businesses.

We socialize differently.

We (especially nowadays) have Social Media and a whole online world that influences (whether we realize it or not) every single action that we take – or even think of taking.

We learn not to say what’s really going on and put on a brave face to show the world.

And we forget about those times when life was carefree and innocent, fun and playful.

So seeing as we are focusing on REVIVAL for the month, today we thought that we would share our 5 simple tips to start bring back the fun into our lives.

The Big Mindful Colourful Book

1) Get More Colourful

Children can spend ages colouring in pictures and its pretty amazing to see how they bring things to life but how they also see the world.

Without going into any detail, colouring is a really relaxing thing to do. It takes your mind off everything for a moment and helps you relax. It gets you thinking differently and it’s also a really great stress reliever.

But did you know that wearing bright and colourful clothing can also make you feel better ? Not only does it make you stand up straighter and improve your posture, it also makes people around you smile and when people are smiling, it often helps us to feel better too.

Blog - Create a List

2) Send Someone a Postcard

Did you ever had a pen pal when you were younger ? I had a few and would spend ages sharing what was going on in my life but, at the same time, would always be excited when the postman came around.

When last did you sit down and send someone an old fashioned letter or postcard ? When did you sit down, take time out and just write a note to someone, sharing a few things and asking how they were ?


3) Pull Faces at Yourself In The Mirror

Its something I often used to do and my Mom used to say “if the clock strikes the hour, your face will end up staying that way.” I tested it out and, thank goodness, it didn’t work!

But you know what ? It always made me laugh and smile. And it’s something I still do every now and then too because it just makes me feel mischievous deep down inside.

hop scotch

4) Go Skipping and Play Hopscotch

Children are full of energy. They’re often running all over the place although sadly, in this day and age, it seems to happen less and less but out here in Spain, what is wonderful to see is all the children in the playground every day.

Yes, we encourage people to take walks but here’s a challenge for you – when you’re out on your next walk, break into a skip.

And as you are walking down the sidewalk, do a bit of hopscotch.

It’ll make you smile as your body remembers back to the time when that was something you looked forward to.


5) Buy Yourself a Teddy Bear

And don’t just keep it on a shelf or on your bed to make your room look nice.

Cuddle it. Talk to it. Sleep with it next to you.

And yes, right now, you will probably be reading this and shaking your head but those teddy bears and “feely” blankets that kids have, well, they have them for a reason.

It makes them feel safe. They like them. They talk to them in their own way. So why shouldn’t we ?

Believe it or not, I have a “feely” and his name is Peegray. He’s a little pillow that I sleep with that I got from my Mom. He has a story and many, many, many years ago, he used to be the quilt that my mom had in her cot when she was a baby. Over the years, it got smaller and smaller (because that was many years ago) and now, it’s just a small, little pillow that I sleep with.

When we were kids, we always asked for Peegray when we felt sick or weren’t happy and he always cheered us up so when I left Zimbabwe in 2006, I asked if I could take Peegray with me. And I still have him today, slightly worn out and even smaller than ever before but it is just a little thing that makes me smile every single day.

Get a Different Name Day 2019.jpg

6) BONUS TIP – Give Yourself a Different Name For The Day

If you didn’t know, today is Get a Different Name Day and when we were looking around the internet, we thought it was actually quite cool.

So we put together this image to give you some silly ideas.

Kids love make believe and giving yourself permission to “go there” really just brings back the childlike fun into life.

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