Who Are You Surrounded By ?

D-Toxd - Revival Tip #1

Yeeehaaa !!

As we mentioned, we have dedicated the month of February to REVIVAL and throughout the month, we hope to share some tips with you to do just that – revive certain areas.

So today, we’e going to start sharing our Revival Tips with you all and, obviously, we’re kicking off with No. 1 !!

If you’ve been reading some of our recent posts, you will know that D-Toxd was started as a result of a friendship that began many years ago and it’s his friendship that defines everything we do.

And along the way, we have been blessed to welcome many new friends into our family out here in Spain – people who ALL inspire us on each and every visit.

You see, in life, there are 2 types of people.


Those who build us up.

And, unfortunately, those who try and tear us down.

We’re all surrounded by both of these people and it is often the latter that leaves us feeling unmotivated, unhealthy and out of balance.

So the first step towards creating your own internal revival is to surround yourself with like minded people who support you.

People who encourage you.

People who will be honest with you but will never break you down, rather, their honesty will help you grow and be a better person.

So today, take a look at the people you spend the most time with and see which side of the equation they are on.

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