What #choices Do You Make ?

d-toxd - good day

Today, we’re going to follow on from the post we shared about Perfectionism because it’s something we work hard on and, it’s often a topic that comes up at the Retreat too.

So often, we meet people at the Retreat who are constantly beating themselves up for various reasons. We spend time listening to them and it really hurts.

It also reminds us of the pain we used to live in and the things we used to put ourselves through trying to retain that perfect image.

And yet behind closed doors, we were constantly beating ourselves up all the time, working harder, working more, smiling more and going through the motions but deep down inside, well, that was a different story.


You see, the paradox in all of it is – right now, in this moment, we are perfect the way that we are.

We have so much untapped potential inside of us and we are each unique in our very special own ways.

But we lose sight of that. We forget about because we haven’t done . . . . . . . . (insert task of choice here)

For us, feeling good is not always about the happy, fluffy stuff. It’s not about nice things always happening and no problems.

Feeling good is about being able to look in the mirror each morning and say to ourselves – you and me, today, we’re just going to go out there and do our best, no matter what comes our way. Are you in ?


During the day, we have a choice.

We do what we said to ourselves we’re going to do or we don’t.

If we do, then awesomeness.

If we don’t, then we have a choice.

Beat ourselves up. Or wipe ourselves down, dust off our knees, and keep doing.

And then, at the end of the day, again, we have a choice.

You see the pattern here?

The choices we each make will define the journey that we are on.

And in doing so, those choices we make will affect how we feel at the end of every given day.

No matter what the situation. Always remind yourself – “I have a choice!”

Today, what choices are you going to make that will affect how you feel?


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