Do You Strive For #perfectionism ?

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At D-Toxd, we have a simple mission and that’s to help people feel good about themselves again and one thing we see so many people struggling with is comparisonitis.

It’s a condition we all suffer from and one that can, when left unaddressed, make us feel pretty down in the dumps about ourselves.

Too often, we compare ourselves with other people.

We look at what they are doing and then, because we can’t do what they do or how they do it, we tell ourselves we are not good enough.

We won’t start a yoga class until we know enough. We won’t start cooking healthy until we have all the right equipment.

We won’t look good because the clothes that so-and-so wears don’t suit me.

Our constant search and fight for perfection stops us from feeling good about how we are RIGHT NOW.

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Think about it for a minute or 2.

How often have you said to yourself “I won’t be happy until I weigh X” or “I will only be satisfied when I do such-and-such.”

Whatever it is for you, we’d like to share a quick vaccination to help you overcome your bout of comparisonitis today.

FORGET ABOUT BEING PERFECT – it doesn’t exist !

Yes, maybe back at school, we did our best to get 100% for something but that is not a true reflection of what life is about.

Take a look around you – nothing in nature is perfect.


Everything is different and nothing is exactly the same. Things have flaws and features that some people like and some people don’t.

And you know what else?

Think about all the products out there – in fact, the phone or mobile device or computer you are reading this on right now. Yesterday it was the latest, best thing – tomorrow, it’s replaced by something else.

You know where we find perfection ?

In doing our best each and every day.

In showing up as ourselves, crying when we need to and laughing often.

We find perfection in each and every step that we take along this (sometimes) bumpy road we call life and when we do, we realize that it’s not something we arrive at.

Nothing is perfect (as we have been taught it to be) so stop chasing that elusive perfect feeling.

Hope this gives you something to think about today.


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