What Do You Think When You Hear The Word #meditation ?

d-toxd - be more mindful

For many people, the first image that comes to mind is one of a person sitting quietly with your legs crossed and eyes closed, maybe chanting or focusing on your breathing.

We think of quieting our minds and finding “stillness” and “peace” and “zen.”

You think of words like “stream of consciousness” and “heightened awareness” amongst others.

But did you know that the word “meditate” actually means to “think deeply about something” and for us, when we focus on that, it is a lot easier to let go of the associations we may have at the prospect of meditating.

It can also be described as a conscious effort to change how the mind works (or alter our thinking) in order to get different results.

With this in mind, did you know that there are many times you may be meditating without even realizing it ?

Here’s a few examples of times you are doing “meditative” things without even knowing that you’re doing them:-


  • Working out and doing exercise
  • Gardening
  • Cooking a meal from scratch
  • Having an enjoyable conversation with a friend
  • Sitting by the pool at the Retreat and gazing out at the mountains
  • Colouring or reading a book that you find you cant put down
  • Dancing to your favourite music
  • Watching the sunrise or sunset or gazing up at the moon or stars
  • Simply standing under the shower and enjoying the warm water running over your body


They’re all ways that we can simply “stop the chatter” for a moment and focus on one thing, being present and in the moment.

Because it’s in those moments that we find a little bit of peace and quiet an where we start to think differently.

And often, when we come out of those “activities” we feel lighter, we feel more energized, we feel better equipped to do things differently.

Yes, it’s still important to find ways to simply sit and be still every now and then but just because you don’t meditate the way you think you should doesn’t mean you don’t do meditation at all.


Makes you think, doesn’t it ?

Maybe we all are meditators after all – we just don’t do it the way we think we should be doing it !

And that’s the best part of it all, just like at the Retreat – you do YOU in the way that works for YOU.

We just help you think a little bit differently about it all.

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