#mindful or #mindless ?

d-toxd - be more mindful

Every single day, we’re (quite literally) bombarded by 1,000’s and 1,000’s of thoughts and events taking place all around us.

And as a result, we “teach” ourselves to “switch off” and we often operate on auto pilot.

We go through the motions and do things out of habit without even realizing how often we do them.

Think about this.

How often do you check your phone ?

How often do you answer a question without actually thinking about the answer you’re giving ?

We end up filling in the “gaps” when things don’t make sense to us without even putting any thought into it.

We end up living in a state of mindlessness rather than mindfulness, simply going through the motions of getting through the day, only remembering significantly emotionally charged things that happen.

Stop Sign

And you know why we remember them ?

Because they contained “too much information” that we couldn’t process at the time – information that didn’t make sense and that we couldn’t just simply by-pass.

Think about this – through mobile phones, the Internet, electronic mail, television, radio, newspapers, books, social media etc. people receive about 105,000 words or 23 words per second in half a day (12 hours) (during awake hours). EVERY DAY !

So we have to process it (those emotionally charged events) somehow because, at the end of the day, that’s the main function of the brain – to make sure everything makes sense and has a place.

If it’s insignificant, it can easily be by-passed and filed without much time, effort or energy – kind of like checking your phone, or ignoring an advert or poster or window display while you are walking down the road or quickly answering a question without any thought.


Taking regular breaks not only gives you time but also gives you space to process things.

To find a way to make them make sense.

And to put them to rest.

Learning to be more mindful of the simplest tasks we do each and every day also helps.

Makes you think huh ?!?

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