How Do YOU Define Retreat ?


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Retreat can be defined as follows:-

To go away from a place or person in order to escape from fighting or danger.

To go to a quiet, safe place in order to avoid a difficult situation.

It can also be defined as a private and safe place where you can be alone or to go away from a person or place or situation because you are unwilling to fight any more.

Now whilst most of us aren’t facing fighting or danger in our daily lives, we often need to step back, take a moment to reflect and simply find a little bit of peace and quiet.

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We all face challenges and often, we face them daily.

Some we recognize straight away and others are more subtle.

We shrug them off. And we carry on.

But, left unattended to over time, they build up and sooner or later, just the slightest thing can tip us over the edge.

One quick chocolate bar or biscuit turns into 2 and before you know it, a whole packet is gone in a blink.

One sleepless nights leads into a restless day, our concentration goes down and our irritability factor increases drastically.

And then we wake up one day, realizing that we are indeed fighting a battle against ourselves and that, for us, is probably the toughest battle to retreat from.


So for us, a Retreat can be defined however YOU choose to define it.

It’s a deeply personal thing that helps you, through a structured program, to achieve whatever YOU want to achieve.

Don’t wait until things reach the point where you have no option but to do something about whatever is going on.

Give yourself the time (and focus and attention) that you know, deep down, that you deserve.

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