8 Ways To Beat Blue Monday


SHHHHH ! ! ! !

Don’t tell anyone but today (Monday, 21stJanuary 2019) is “called” Blue Monday and is “officially” the most depressing day of the year in the UK.

And if you didn’t know that before, just thinking of it now is enough to make you feel depressed, isn’t it ?

For us, depression is one of the reasons how our Retreat came about.

In fact, it’s not just depression and it goes a lot deeper than that but for today, we’re not going to focus on that at all and just be thankful that we are here to share our Retreat with you all.


Rather than focusing on why or how Blue Monday has been formulated, we thought we would give you a few tips and suggestions to help lift your mood and make today (and every day) a little more manageable and enjoyable.

Why not give them a go and see how you feel.

Singing In The Shower

Sing in the shower

Whether you believe it or not, singing in the shower has been shown to improve your mood and there are a few benefits to it too.

Exercising your lungs gets you to take in more oxygen and we all know how important that is when it comes to improving your general energy levels as well as reducing stress.

It also helps to reduce cortisol as well as improves your memory too.

And when you grab that sponge and pretend you’re on The Voice, you can only but smile at yourself.

D-Toxd - What You Dont See 2

Pull faces at yourself in the mirror

Now most of us don’t even like looking in the mirror in the morning so we are not going to go there for today.

But pulling faces, sticking out your tongue and squinting your eyes at yourself not only makes you laugh a little bit, it also brings out your inner child – you know, the one that likes to have fun and play around.

For just a few minutes, be a kid again. Drop your guard. Let that innocent and fun loving side come out to play and you will be surprised at the benefits of it all.


Perform a Random Act of Kindness

One of the best ways to drag ourselves out of the blues is to take the focus of YOU and place it on making a difference in someone else’s life.

For just a while, it reduces the “weight” you place on your own problems and gives you a break. You get to see someone else smile and their face light up for no reason at all except for a momentary random act of selfless kindness.

Buy someone a chocolate bar or give a stranger a flower. Yes, it may seem uncomfortable to even think of doing but you would be surprised at the impact it can have on someone’s life.

Our Deepest Fear Picture

Flex your creative muscles

Have you ever tried colouring ? Or simply doodling ? Some people even like to spend time writing poetry or a random and exciting story ? Do you think it is time for a new hobby or possibly picking up a hobby that you had forgotten about because you let everything else get in the way ?And maybe, there’s a meal you have been wanting to cook for some time but have never got round to doing it ?

Creativity helps us to relax. It gets the brain looking at the world in a new light and with fresh options. It reduces stress and tension and reconnects us with our passions in life which, in itself, has endless benefits too.


Get sexy

Put on your favourite underwear for the day. You know, the ones that you only bring out for special occasions ?

You know why ? Because it makes you feel good. It makes you smile secretly because you know what’s going on behind the scenes. And when you feel good, your posture improves, you are more relaxed and there’s a sneak little bounce in your step too.


Switch off the internet

Once you’ve finished reading this (obviously) try disconnecting from the world for a little while.

Log out of your social media accounts, put your phone into airplane mode and just give yourself some quality time out.

Social Media is a funny thing – we only get to see what people want to show us and then, because we’re struggling, we beat ourselves us as we are constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else and afraid we might miss out on something.


Talk AT someone

If you’re genuinely struggling, reach out. Talk to someone. Make a call.

You don’t have to tell them everything but just speaking to someone during a tough time can make a huge difference. Tell them that you need someone to speak AT rather than TO – there’s a huge difference and sometimes, just being able to let off steam really helps.

the retreat you know you deserve

Book yourself a healthy break

Instead of booking your normal holiday, why not book yourself a break at a Health Retreat ? Too often, we think a boozy holiday with loads of food will cheer us up yet we come home sometimes feeling worse than when we left.

So why not try something different ? Imagine getting in some good, proper rest, healthy food and exercise, time to think and reflect and also treatments and therapies to pamper yourself with ?

Not only will it have all the benefits of a holiday, you’ll return home with a bounce in your step and new tools in your arsenal too.

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