How To Make The Most Out of a Retreat

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When it comes to healthy living, the only person that knows what’s really going on for you is YOU !

Most people generally visit our Retreat for the first time because they want to change something in their lives.

Here’s a little open and honest fact about life, and one that we all know.

You are the only person who can achieve your goals for you, and the only person who can affect change in your life. No one else can make the changes in your life that you are capable of making.

Which means that life will go in the direction that you choose.

It’s up to you to decide what you want and how you much you want it. Once you have figured that out, you can go about finding out how best to achieve that goal or make that change.

More often than not it is helpful and useful to enlist help at this point.

For example if we decided that we wanted to learn to speak French, we would find a good French teacher. If we wanted to become a photographer we would go to photography classes. Or if we wanted to lose weight, we could kick start the journey by visiting a Health Retreat.

So lets consider your health for second – your body and how you choose to treat it.

A visit to a Retreat can be an invaluable experience in helping you get fitter, healthier, happier, losing weight or making changes. Not only will you get results, you also get to try a wide variety of different things that would normally take you quite a while to try out in the real world.

But one visit to a Retreat cannot achieve your final goals for you although it can take a big step towards making a significant change in them.


The program we give to you and the sessions we take you through is the only part of your journey to weight loss or feeling fitter or making change that we can affect. While it is our responsibility to provide fun, safe and effective sessions that inspire, motivate but also push you out of your comfort zone and help you to achieve your goals, we can only do so much.

We can give you the tools you need to help guide you towards these targets, but we cannot make you give it 100% during your stay.

We can encourage and support you, so that you make the most of every opportunity that you have.

To get the most out of your Retreat (and lets be honest life in general), it helps to turn up with a good attitude and positive mindset.

The Retreat 2

How we think shapes our experiences, and in turn affects the outcome or result of those experiences. If we take responsibility for our health, and lives, then set an intention for what you would like to achieve.

Set An Intention

We’ve seen that the guests who get the “best” results are the ones who set an intention for themselves and stayed focused.

A Positive Attitude

Secondly the positive attitude we approach this intention with is more likely going to result in a positive outcome.

Sometimes a guest might tell themselves they want to make a change and sometimes they will even tell others, but until they are prepared to be honest with themselves about their excuses (not enough time, feeling tired, can’t be bothered) they come up with to explain away the lack of commitment then the only person they’re selling short is themselves.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix or magic formula to making change in life – just good old-fashioned hard work and time.

Address WHY

Thirdly, address WHY it is important to you. What’s the real driving reason behind wanting to make changes, behind wanting to visit a Retreat. When you connect with your personal WHY, taking steps towards affecting change is a lot easier.

Get A Map

Finally, think of a visit to a Retreat as finding a map. A map to the goals you are looking to achieve.


It’s your job to use the map and you must follow your own path towards affecting those changes.

To book a stay with us, contact us on or call + 34 965 973 120.

Visit our website for more details of how we can support you –



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