What’s With The “RE?”

the retreat you know you deserve

When it comes to sharing our message, we sometimes get “stuck in it” and because we’ve worked so hard to create the experience and the retreat that we have, it’s difficult.

Our aim is simple really – to help people start feeling better about themselves.

Whether they want to lose weight, get fitter, detox and cleanse or simple take some time out because all the “stuff” in life gets too much, we know that that’s what they can get out of some time with us.

So as a New Year begins, we’re redefining our message.

It’s about revisiting WHY we started doing what we do and rediscovering the “little things” that create the whole story.

“RE” can be defined as “uniting or joining so as to increase the number of something” or “to say or write further.”

It seems pretty appropriate then that our focus for now is to “RE” because, at the end of the day, we’ve got “it” all along.

If we didn’t know about something, we wouldn’t know that it was missing.

If we hadn’t experienced something, we wouldn’t want to experience it again or, in some case, forget about it.

Sometimes, it’s good to do those things – to re-treat ourselves, to re-boot (and maybe that means we need to give ourselves a loving boot in the . . .) and most of all, to re-focus on the things that really matter in life.

It’s all about going back to basics and making things simple and fun again.

So with that in mind, what things are you going to RE this year ?


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