Keith’s Journey – Chapter 3 – The Home Stretch


So here we are !! Joining Keith for the final stretch of his journey to change his life.

For us at the Retreat, there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone literally transform before your eyes and sometimes, when you see them every day, the changes are gradual.

So when Keith got back from his time away, it was then that we truly saw how much had really changed since he had arrived.

But the biggest thing that we noticed was his radically altered approach to his own personal journey so we will let him share it all with you now.


I did put a little bit of weight on while I was away, but once I got off the ship I got some good food inside me and spent a week doing some boxing training which took that weight back off again and by the time I returned to D-Toxd in September I was in roughly the same position as when I left, but with a bit of money in the bank and some degree of confidence that I could do it on my own in the real world.

I felt like a lot had changed when I returned, and my focus altered somewhat.

I was no longer primarily determined to lose weight as quickly as I could, I was more interested in preparing for moving onto just living a healthy, happy life.

I wanted to learn how to cook good nutritious food and I wanted to get to the bottom of why I would overeat once and for all.


I started helping out in the kitchen on Wednesdays to learn as much as I could from Gareth and Julia, and got to work on more mindset sessions with Jeroen.

The cooking was really enjoyable, and I looked forward to when I was able to cook meals for myself, usually on a Saturday.

The real breakthrough was to come in the mindset sessions though.

I had been suffering from amnesia since a serious bicycle accident when I was 14 and one night after a session some memories started coming back to me. Meaningful memories. Memories which left me with the same feelings I would have when I wanted to stuff my face at night.

Other memories followed and now the door to my past lies very much open.

During the last couple of months I began preparing to move on.

The Retreat 2

I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen, I’ve started looking for a new place to live (in Spain) and also making long term plans for the future.

The weight loss has slowed down but I couldn’t care less, I’m not in a rush.

I’m happy now, and I haven’t been able to say that for a great many years.

I know I have to keep working at it to stay happy and healthy, but I have the knowledge and the tools to make that happen now.

I don’t know how to put into words how grateful I am to the whole team at D-Toxd.

Without them I would still be tired, grossly overweight and unhealthy.

I would still be miserable.

D-Toxd - Social Media 2

There’s no doubt that it’s the people that make D-Toxd such a special place, but it’s not only the staff who contribute to that.

The guests and volunteers do as well.

I’ve met a great deal of amazing people here this year. People who have inspired me to push harder when I wanted to rest, people who have shown me kindness, compassion and support when I needed it, people who have made me feel lucky just to have met them.

To all of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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