6 Ways To Find Inspiration For Change

This year, we’ve decided on a different approach to everything we do at our Retreat because while some people get to experience it with us, most people don’t so the only way they get to live a D-Toxd Life is through what we share online.

Sometimes, it’s quite surreal, sitting here knowing that something that used to be a dream many, many years ago is now a reality. Opening our Retreat was a life long dream that we used to think about before we even became friends.

There were times when it seemed totally impossible – the thought of having a place where people could come and stay and experience how you lived your life, knowing that it would transform theirs.

Being able to do what you truly love doing – helping people, listening to people, watching people let go of the past and realizing their own potential – each and every day really is quite humbling.

It’s also quite hard to believe sometimes that life now is SO different when, in the past, there were times that we simply felt like giving up. In our own individual ways, Jeroen and I (that’s the ‘we’ by the way) used to deal with our problems rather differently – we both had a diet that consisted of a lot of liquid and quite a bit of powder. And by liquid and powder, we don’t mean water and spirulina either but we’ll leave it to you to think about it because between us, there aren’t many “things” we haven’t tried in the past.

Making a change in your life, and we’re going to be brutally honest with you here, isn’t that easy. In fact, far from it !

Making a change is difficult, regardless of what it is but when it involves waking up one day and realizing that if you don’t change, you simply might never wake up again – that’s quite terrifying.

We’ve all been there.

We have all been in that place where something has frustrated us so much that we knew that we needed to change.

Yet why is it that some people seem to be able to do it and other’s don’t ?


For us, one of the answers to this question is INSPIRATION !

Sometimes, making a change involves finding people who have already made that change and are living happy, healthy, normal lives – whatever normal is in this day and age.

Finding things that inspire us really makes change a lot easier to deal with.

Inspiration gives us hope. It helps us to see that new things are possible but most of all, it makes us realize that it can be done.

Here are a few different ways that you can find inspiration around you today, to help you make those changes you want to make: –


Switch off Social Media for a while

Too often, we get caught up in what we see on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube. Yet what we see is only a snapshot of what really might be going on – people only share what they want you to see rather than what is really going on. Social Media gets us caught up in a “perfect world” that we constantly compare ourselves too. Switching it off for a while reconnects us with the world around us and, in doing so, opens our eyes to new things.


Speak to Children

They have an uncanny way of looking at the world. Their honesty and simplicity in how they view things is sometimes quite inspiring. Ask them questions. Speak to them. Listen to what they have to say. You might be quite surprised by their answers as they are not afraid to question things and have an open mind.

Blog - Go For A Walk

Take a Walk

Get outside. Breathe in some fresh air (we suppose that depends where you live really but you know what you mean.) Take a lesson from nature and see how everything works together in perfect harmony. Flowers simply grow and then die and then grow again. The sun rises. The sun sets. The weather changes, sometimes from minute to minute. The sky never seems to end.


Play Make Believe

Use your imagination. When was the last time you sat and daydreamed and spoke to imaginary friends who had super powers that could transform anything? How would a Super Hero deal with your situation – in a non violent way ! If you had a super power that could transform your situation, what would that super power be ? You would be surprised at the things your imagination can come up with when you let it free.


Talk to Someone

2 heads are always better than one. Stop trying to figure out everything on your own. Speak to people who have made the changes you want to make. Ask them what was involved. Ask them how they felt and what got them to make the change. Brainstorm different ways of dealing with your situation.


Flip a coin

Yes, you heard that right. Flip a coin. Assign 2 choices to each side and simply flip the coin. Then whatever happens, you GO with that choice. If you don’t like what landed, go with the choice you made when the coin was in the air because that is really the path you want to follow – you just hadn’t realized it yet.


Inspiration really is all around you – the only thing stopping you from seeing it is YOU !

Now go out there and find you some inspiration today !

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