The Happy and Healthy 2017 List Completed

YES ! If you’re reading this right now, you made it !! You have officially arrived in 2017 and the first day is now well underway !!

How did you get on with reading our Shopping List from yesterday ? Did it make you think or did you just pass it by and say “yeah, yeah, whatever!!”

Either way, we promised you the remainder of the list today so here it is !!

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An Appreciation For YOUR Life

This is something that binds a few of the aforementioned items together, namely Gratitude and the Positive Frame of Mind.

Stop comparing your results (and what you have) with everyone and everything else. You are YOU ! Nobody does YOU like YOU do – embrace it, celebrate it, make it matter. Every single day is a chance for you to make new choices, to do things that bring you joy, to do things that make you smile and make you happy. It’s YOURS and does NOT belong to anyone else – appreciate it because you ain’t not gonna get no other chance this time around.

Take responsibility for what you have today (good and not-so-good) because what you have is a result of the choices, decisions, actions and frame of mind in your life. Regardless of what is going on, there is always something to appreciate and believe us, this was actually a tough one to write because we know what it can be like to live with something you didn’t physically choose.


A Clean Mirror

The most important person you could ever spend time with is the person that looks back at you from the mirror each and every day so why not get to know them better?

Love them, believe in them, support them, encourage them, tell them that they are good enough and they do deserve health, happiness and love – especially from you.


A Sounding Board

Let’s face it, we all need someone to bounce ideas off, to talk through our challenges with and sometimes, we just need someone to talk AT rather than TO.

As they say, 2 heads are always better than one and sometimes, it’s a great way to get an insight into the challenges you face or the things you are working on. Allow yourself to take feedback from people who you trust and who know you because you never know, their insight into your life might surprise you at times.

A Selection of Good Books

Because, let’s face it, they are the best way to either escape for a while or to get inside someone’s head for a few moments.

Swap your favourite books with friends, try reading something new, and make reading time something regular in your routines.

A List of Movies That Make You Cry

Because when you cry, well, that just means that something special is touching your soul and allowing you to get in touch with things that truly make your life worth living.

Crying is also a great way to release emotions we didn’t even know were trapped, letting go of built up tension as well as letting go of other things.

D-Toxd - What You Dont See 3

A Cause Worth Fighting For

Sometimes, when you have a cause that’s greater than you and is something that you are deeply passionate about, it lifts you out of your life and into something truly special.

Find something that you believe in with all your heart and do something about it, no matter what it is. Give of your time and energy, share your views as you just never, ever know who might be listening and watching what you say.

Don’t wait for the world to change around you, be the change you wish to see in the world around you and simply watch everything change with you. True fulfillment in life comes when you follow the depths of your heart.


A God of Your OWN Understanding

And don’t worry about what others think about what you believe in either.

Mother Nature, God, The Universe, Inifinite Light and Love and even Nothing is something to believe in. Work on your own personal faith because that is the only thing you have to turn to when the lights are out and you are all alone. The strength of your faith will be directly related to the amount of courage, and action, that you take on a daily basis.


Get Yourself a DIDA

Confused ? Well all that is, is a Do It Differently Attitude but DIDA sounded easier to say, and slightly cooler too.

What did you get for Christmas ? Well, let me tell you, I got a DIDA and it’s pretty amazing !!

What you have right now (like we said before) is because of what we have been doing each and every day. If we’re not happy, we need that DIDA right now because to get new things, you gotta do new things – plain and simple.

If you want to lose weight, do healthy things you haven’t done before. If you want to be happier, do different things that make you happy rather than the things you have done before that made you unhappy. If you want to get fit, do things that make you fitter. And use your DIDA every single day because the more you use it, the stronger it gets and the happy and healthier your become.

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The Gift Of Time

The greatest thing you could ever give yourself right now is the gift of quality time spent doing things that really matter. Stop wasting time doing everything else.

Yes, granted, we all have to “work” to pay the bills and so forth but that doesn’t mean we have to spend that time being unhappy. If you’re not happy with how you spend your time, use your DIDA and do something about it. If you don’t want to (or can’t) do something about, be thankful that you are in the position you are in.

Allocate your time wisely because once you have spent it, there is no getting it back or carrying it forward. Use it to tell the people you care about how much they mean to you. Use it doing things that make you smile. Use it to help you use everything else on this Shopping List.

The Retreat 2


So !! There you have it. The Ultimate Shopping List to help you make 2017 the happiest and healthiest year of your life.

Whilst we can make NO guarantees on your purchases (because you’re responsible for what you choose to buy from this list) we can tell you that when you use them ALL regularly, they do make a significant difference to your life.

Whatever you choose to do in 2017, we truly hope that it is a year that brings you health and happiness.

P.S. We have ONE more item that might cost you a little bit of money, and no, it’s not a visit to our Retreat where you can experience all of the above.

Blog - Go For A Walk

Get Yourself a Good Pair of Trainers

And get out there and move !! EVERY DAY !! Walk, run, dance, workout – whatever you choose to do, make exercise a part of what you do in your life. Find one that you enjoy and DO IT with your DIDA !!

















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