Top Tips to Improve Your Kitchen Life

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At D-Toxd, our mission is to make health easy and fun – it’s what we aim to do each and every day. After all, without it we aren’t much good are we?

One of the most important things we all do is eat – it’s the fuel that gives us what we need to get through the day and so often, we hear people saying “healthy food isn’t that much fun” and “preparing my meals is boring.”

When we opened our Retreat, we never set out to be so actively involved in the preparation of all the meals we serve but the Universe obviously had other plans. In fact, we didn’t even consider ourselves to be chefs but we have learned that the food we prepare is pretty good – in fact, better than pretty good, it’s well good.

We’re starting to work on The Balance Factor – our recipe book of all the meals we serve at the Retreat as well as our approach and philosophy around healthy living.

But today, we thought we would put together a few simple tips to help improve your kitchen life.

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Don’t just cook one meal at a time.

Cook 2 or 3. Spend a bit of time planning what you would like to eat over the next few days – there is nothing worse than getting home at the end of the day and saying “what am I going to eat tonight?” Find meals that use one pot, or meals that you would enjoy rather than just anything that comes to mind. This also helps when you plan your shopping lists. You know what the sad thing is though – people spend more time planning their weekend than they do planning their meals and then they wonder why they are so unhealthy !!

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Get peeled right at the start.

Peeling all your ingredients that need peeling right at the start streamlines the whole process. It’s kind of like you’re getting the dirty work out the way right at the start. Have a container close by that all your waste goes into – that way, you’re not running backwards and forwards emptying your chopping board.

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Prepare everything first.

Get yourself a few small containers to put all your ingredients in and get everything chopped up and in batches. That way, all the “dirty work” is done at the beginning.

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Use lots of colours.

There is nothing worse than a plate of brown slop – bright colours are inviting and make you want to eat the food. And they also contain more nutrients that are vital for our health.

Blog - Drink Water

Have a glass of water nearby.

Everytime you feel like snacking, take a drink of water. Not only will this cut down on what you eat, it will also keep you hydrated which gives you more energy to complete the task at hand.

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Play music.

LOUD ! Some people might say this will drown out the sound of crying because you have to cook but anyway !! Nearly everyone has a mobile device these days that can play music. Choose your favourite playlist and sing along while you are cooking. Music lifts our spirits and puts us in a better mood too, so preparing and cooking your food with a bounce in your step goes a long way.

D-Toxd - Good Food

Don’t put everything in the pot all at once

Different vegetables cook at different speeds. Get to know your ingredients and what your are cooking with. Texture plays an important part in you enjoying what you have prepared.

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For goodness sake – cooking is an amazing opportunity to treat your body well – enjoy it. The more you enjoy your time in the kitchen, the more your body will thank you for it. And you know what, the more you do it, the more you will enjoy it too.

P.S. Quick Plug – you might be asking “What’s The Balance Factor?” – well, it will be our version of a Recipe Book, sharing our philosophy and approach to being healthy and balanced and have some pretty amazing recipes in it too 🙂

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