The #feelgoodfactor Challenge – Are You Up For It ?

Feel Good Factor Banner 1January has almost come and gone. All the fuss and excitement of the New Year is wearing off. We are all settling back into our routines and, in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is well and truly underway with temperatures being rather chilly.

From our experience, February seems to be the time when most people struggle. It’s the time when frustration sets in as they realize they haven’t really made the changes the set out to make. It’s the time when long winters take their toll and moods slump. It’s the time when people take a long, hard look at their relationships. It’s the month when most people feel run down and catch colds.

In fact, it’s often the month where we feel furthest from feeling good than most of the year.

We live in a time when our jam-packed schedule of “everything we have to do” gets in the way of everything that really matters.

As the pace of day-to-day living speeds up, we have less and less time to enjoy our lives. Our diaries become social agendas that need to be fulfilled in order to feel fulfilled, draining our energy and physical health and well being. We have less time to spend time with ourselves and our ability to truly appreciate the gift of life goes out of the window.

It’s no wonder we may have forgotten what it is like to feel good, not just about our lives but about ourselves.


We’ve decided that it’s time to start feeling good again and that’s why we’ve put together The #feelgoodfactor Challenge – 29 Days to Start Feeling Good Again.

It’s free to take part in, simple to do and (we think) it’s a lot of fun too.


How Do I Take Part ?

Pretty simple. It’s kind of like downing a good, healthy shot.

OK. Maybe not. But probably easier.

You sign up by entering your details HERE.

Once you’ve done that, you will be sent a few simple instructions which we encourage you to print out and keep close at hand.

These instructions will tell you what to expect, how to prepare and what you will need.

The #feelgoodfactor is about looking at how you’re feeling right now and changing it – changing how you feel about your environment but most importantly yourself. It’s about creating new strategies, learning new tools and just to start feeling good again.

Once you’re in, you sit back and relax and wait for Monday, 1st February 2016 – how cool is that !! It starts on a Monday and we didn’t even notice that when we began putting this together – we just wanted to find a way to help people start feeling good again.

But hang on just a few minutes.

The #feelgoodfactor isn’t just for February – it is for ANY TIME of the year, so when you sign up after 1st February, you will start receiving the emails straight away. So you can really take part any time.


Why Should I Do It ?

Nobody is forcing you to take part. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and saying that this is something that you absolutely need to do if you ever want to feel good again.

In fact, most people will take a brief look at this, pass a comment and move along thinking “well, that’s not for me” and you know what, that’s perfectly perfect too.

But if you just want to do something different. If you want to try something new – OK, there will be no ground-breaking latest-research new information or “feel good methods” for you to do. If you want to feel good again and enjoy taking part in simple, fun challenges.

Then this is perfect for you.

The Challenge will include physical things to do. It will include potentially making cancellations to your busy social calendar. It will include taking time out. It will (more than likely) include things that challenge the way you think. It will (hopefully) stretch you a little bit, but not uncomfortably so. It will be about your own personal commitment to feeling good again.

Here are some of the changes you might just notice along the way: –

  • You’ll notice your personal triggers
  • You’ll be in a better mood
  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll feel fitter and more alive
  • You’ll rest better
  • You’ll live a more mindful life
  • You’ll become more optimistic
  • You’ll smile more
  • You’ll learn how fun it is to start feeling good again

All in all, we just want to help people to start feeling good again so if you’re up for it, then sign up by following this link and join in The #feelgoodfactor Challenge.

See you on the other side !!



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