Things to STOP Doing Today


Short, sweet and to the point.

Truth be told, I have never, ever watched any of the Star Wars Movies but I have come across many of the wise quotes from Yoda, the most common of which is probably “Do or do not. There is no try.”

If we want things to change, then we’ve gotta stop trying to do things and start doing new things – just DO !

So here’s a list for you to think about today.

Which one are you going to start with ?

Stop Sign

STOP making excuses.

START getting on with things. 

Too often, we allow our “valid reasons” to stop us from taking action. If we really wanted to do something, we wouldn’t need to justify in any way why we are not doing it.

Stop Sign

STOP complaining.

START complimenting.

Complaining is our own justification for why things are the way that they are – it’s a way of comparing ourselves to the situation we’re in, validating why (or not) it applies to us. When we compliment, we start to focus on the similarities which subconsciously motivates us.

Stop Sign

STOP doing the same old, same old.

START doing new things.

The same old action is always going to get the same old result, and so often, our complaints and excuses stop us from seeing the opportunities. If we’ve never done something before, we won’t know what results we get until we do it.

Stop Sign

STOP taking the lift.

START taking the stairs.

We didn’t get where we are today in 5 minutes but so often, we want to get somewhere else pretty fast. We look for quick fixes and the easy way out. New things require action – consistent, one step at a time action, if we ever want to get anywhere.

Stop Sign

STOP settling for less than you deserve.

START raising your standards for yourself.

How often do you find yourself not doing something because of what other people might think or because of what other people have. We were not born to live a life of “less” – far from it. We deserve far more than we give ourselves credit for so maybe it is time we started raising our own personal standards and saying “I am worth more than this.”

Stop Sign

STOP hanging out with people who have different agendas in life.

START hanging out with people who inspire you to be more.

Uncomfortable, but oh so true for so many people. Think about this – if there is a weed in the garden, do you just leave it there or do you remove it ? Leave it there and it takes over the whole garden. Remove it and the garden blossoms and grows. Life is like that too.

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