The D-Toxd 2016 Manifesto

The D-Toxd ManifestoWell, here we are. Friday, 1st January 2016. A brand new year. Another chance to do all those things you’ve been meaning to do. The time when people around the world commit to whatever they commit to.

In January, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices out there. After all, we have just spent the last couple of weeks enjoying ourselves, over indulging and eat more than we generally would. We have also probably spent more money than we should have on gifts that we didn’t really need and the dawning of a New Year gets us thinking about and questioning things.

Since opening the Retreat 2 years ago, we have really worked hard to identify what it is that we do. After all, that’s what we’re supposed to do, right? If you follow all the hype and “research” out there, meat and sugar give you cancer, vegan and plant based is the way to go, raw food is the healthiest option, fasting is the best way to get results, mindfulness is the best approach, bootcamps are best and so much more.

It is true though. More people think about their health and well being in January than at any other time of the year. So of course, isn’t it natural to take advantage of that and get your product chosen? We’ve seen it happen too often – people get caught up in the hype and get great results.

But after a while, things go backwards and that’s the sad part. In our opinion, extremes don’t work and the exceptions are pretty small because we have met people who have achieved amazing results by implement extreme lifestyle changes – after all, that is what we did in our lives and is why we do what we do so we know how difficult it is, what commitment it takes and the challenges that are faced.

Over the last couple of months, we have been thinking long and hard about our focus for 2016. We allowed ourselves to get bogged down by all the research out there, and started to lose sight of why we actually started our Retreat.

So we have decided that this year, we’re just going to do what we love doing the most. Being around people, having fun, keeping things simple and generally doing our very best to help you feel good again.

For us at D-Toxd, 2016 is The Year of Feeling Good Again. 

If you’re looking for extremes, then maybe our program and Retreat isn’t for you at all.

But if you want to feel good again, then why not come out and spend some time with us?

That’s why we have put together our Manifesto for 2016.

It sums up how we are choosing to run our Retreat this year. It explains the things we are passionate about and what we will be sticking to. No hype and drama. No research and rocket science. Just simple, fun things that make you feel good again.

If you’re up for some of this, then we have some pretty cool stuff lined up for the year and will be sharing more with you as we move forwards. We’re excited about it. We’re looking forward to it. And we truly hope you are too.

The D-Toxd Manifesto

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