Top Tips for Being HEALTHY

Sometimes, when we get overwhelmed with everything that we have to do, we sit down and make lists. It helps ease the mind and gives you something to focus on, rather than focusing on EVERYTHING.

And sometimes, you just end up making some pretty cool tips in a list so here is one we created some time ago.


From today, how about putting your own needs first, instead of putting others there?  This helps fight off depression, anxiety and exhaustion – all results of trying to do what we think everyone else wants us to do. Before you commit to doing something, think about whether you actually want to do it or whether you have the energy to do it. If not, you have every right to say no.


There are many studies that say that 95 per cent of people who go on diet regain all their weight and more within two years. So instead, find a healthy balance that works for you and take time to enjoy the things you love in moderation. If you want to eat a bar of chocolate every day, or whatever your regular indulgent snack is, then take responsibility and realize that your body only does what it can do – you are responsible for the rest. When we have a car, we don’t just shove any old fuel in there do we? So why do that with your body?


When you eat, do just that – EAT ! Don’t watch television, don’t read, don’t do anything else except enjoy the experience of eating. Take time to pay attention to the taste and texture of food. Eat slowly. Enjoy every mouthful. And if you do have to do anything, sit down around the table and eat with family and friends.  Eating slowly is a very simple way to stop you from overeating, and the digestive process does more than digest food, it also absorbs other emotions created as a result of watching TV and doing other distracting things. Create good emotions whilst eating, and maximize on the digestive process.


Sometimes, the smallest gesture has the biggest impact. Smile for no reason. Buy someone’s coffee for them and ask them to Pay It Forward. If you have read something inspiring, share it with others. Every day, do something small and simple to make a difference in the world and you will be amazed at what happens.


Give your brain a boost every day by having more fun. When you are excited and happy, your brain releases neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine – these in turn help us process information. Spending time doing the things we love isn’t self-indulgent, it is essential for a better functioning brain.


Want to fight stress, strengthen your immune system and feel calmer? Then take time out every day to shut up. Start your day with at least five minutes of meditation every morning. Make sure you get out of bed and sit somewhere comfortable. Close your eyes and take deep breaths – in through your nostrils and out for your mouth. Observe what you can hear and feel taking place around you, and then focus on your breathing and what is going on in your body. At night, do the same thing before you go to bed, and this time, light a candle and stare into the flame whilst breathing.


Improve the quality of your sleep by getting into a good habit and going to bed at the same time each night. A “formal” routine will set your body clock and makes you more likely to get rest-full and consistent sleep. And make sure that when it is time to sleep and you get into bed, do just that. Don’t lie there and watch TV, surf the web on your phones or plan the day ahead. When your body, and mind, realizes that the bed time is for sleep time, it starts doing just that.


Remember the days when we did not have laptops, mobile phones or mobile offices? When work was done, that was it. There was no checking of emails long after working hours were over, and we didn’t answer every single phone call we received. Have an electronic-free period every day – switch of mobile phones, computer, TV’s, radio’s and spend time in the good old days. Go for a walk, sit and stare into space. Just totally switch off. And while we are on the subject, and following on from Bedtime Business, make your bedroom a technology free zone.


The best way to free up your time is to plan your time. Instead of getting flustered and overwhelmed, get a pen and paper and write down everything you think you need to do then, allocate times to these tasks and when doing so, plan is some time for yourself, as well as the time you need to exercise your body – a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes a day is sufficient and the reason most people don’t get to the gym or do any exercise is because they don’t schedule it in, nor do they put themselves first or take responsibility either. If you don’t take responsibility and control what you do in the time you have, then everything else will control you and time will run away with you.


Want to speed up your way to a healthy life? Then use positive language instead. Negative talk keeps us trapped where we are. Even worse, bitching about other people only has a negative effect on us – it builds up acid, which in turn gets the body to hold on to excess weight, no matter how much we diet or exercise. Break the habit by speaking your thoughts out loud for a day and see some of the things you come up with.


“I don’t have time to eat healthy” and “It take’s too much effort” so many people say. We already mentioned taking responsibility earlier, but the simple answer to healthy eating is planning ahead. Shop online instead of going into the store, and spend the time you save travelling planning your meals – this way, you only buy what you need and you can relax, knowing your meals for the week are in order. And you save money too but not buying needless items in store.


Give your antioxidant intake a boost by adding herbs and spices to your meals. Use oregano and mint in your Greek salad, mix lemongrass, ginger and chilli into your favourite Thai salad dressing, add a few basil leaves to your tomato salad. Not only do spices give  your meals an added flavor, they also release endorphins into your body as well – a natural feel good “drug.”


Take time out to appreciate what you have, what other people do for you but also, take into account what other people may be going through. This will help you have more positive emotions, improved health and stronger relationships with those you come into contact with.


Here’s a HUG COUPON. Make sure you use it every day – it’s self explanatory ! And if you see us in person, we will be more than happy to use it ;o)

Yup, OK there were 14, but hey, some of them were so much fun that we just had to keep them on the list. So, for the next 2 weeks, why not make a pact with yourself to do as many of these things as possible each and every day ? Then get back to us and let us know how you get on ??? And please feel free to share this, add any to the list, or just read it and enjoy.

P.S. OK, as we were tagging this, we almost forgot something but then again, it’s become something that we do and something that we talk about all the time when people ask us what is one thing you can do – DRINK WATER ! Make sure you drink your daily 2 litres !!

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