How Do You Define a HABIT?

One of the biggest things that we share when we speak with people is the personal freedom that comes as a result of living our lives the way that we do.

Addiction (and especially active addiction) can be a pretty terrifying thing for a person to live through, regardless of which side of the fence you are on. So often, when people hear the word “addiction” the first thing that comes to mind are drugs and alcohol, closely followed by gambling, food and sex. No matter what it is, these habits are something that consume everything you do and it can be pretty tough to break free.

Over the years, we have begun to understand (and conquered) our own personal addictions and in doing so, have come to realize that there is so much more to it than just a substance or activity.

Habits, the way we talk to ourselves, our beliefs and even the decisions we make can also be VERY addictive. And it is these habits that can hold us back even more than we thought.

For many people, the fear of the unknown is sometimes greater than the pain of staying the same, and as humans, we will do anything we can to avoid pain until that pain becomes too much to handle – and we have to change it. In order to avoid that pain, we seek out pleasure, regardless of where we get it from. And the most common place to “find” this “pleasure” is the daily habits that we have in our lives.

As Tony Robbins says: – The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t, life controls you.

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So, to help you check if there is something that you are doing in your life that could potentially be holding you back, we came up with the following, giving our understanding of identifying a habit.

Before you go through them, think of something that you do regularly that could possibly be affecting the results that you are getting in your life. Maybe it is an action or something that you do, i.e. something physical.

Or maybe it is something that you constantly say to yourself in your mind, i.e. a thought or a belief you hold to be true. Believe it or not, thoughts and beliefs can be addictions too and can be just as difficult to “give up” as addictive substances such as heroin or alcohol due to the chemical reactions (or emotions) they create within your body.

Once you have it, go through the following 6 Steps.


How do you go about doing the “thing” that you do? Are you compulsive in what you do? Or does everything have to be done in a certain way? Do you have to do or follow “that thing” or as they say, are you “like a dog with a bone” when you get something on your mind?


If things do not go according to your plans, or the way that you expected them to, does it affect your character in a negative way? And if you do “get what you wanted” then do you feel a great sense of relief and that everything is OK? It should be noted that there is a big difference between a sense of achievement and a sense of relief. Does this “thing” change you in any way?


Does thinking about this “thing” or getting this “thing” affect your life balance? Does going after it, or fulfilling it, drain your energy or make you tired? Do you find that you need to do more of it, or you are increasingly doing it?


What is the thought behind the action that you are doing? Is it being done to cover up, deny or replace something instead of dealing with the true issue at hand?


Does it waste time, could there be a more effective use of your time? Do you find that there is not enough time to do other things that you would rather be doing or that you should be doing instead? Does it take away time that you could spend with friends or loved ones? Do you find yourself running late a lot or never having enough time in the day to do what you actually would like to be doing?


Do you find yourself saying sorry a lot? Maybe because you missed a target or deadline on something else or because you missed something important that you should have done?

These questions will help you identify and uncover some of the habits and addictions that could possibly be holding you back in your life. After all, it is our aim to help people uncover their own personal myths and beliefs as to why they do the things that they do that hold them back and find out why they are really not getting the results that they want in their life.

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