7 Steps to HEALTHY

The last few weeks have been interesting and there have been times when we seriously questioned things. When what you share with people is SO CLOSELY related to how you live your life and you go through those bad patches (which we all do) I guess you question yourself a lot.

Yet when you allow yourself to go through the bad patches, you gain pretty cool insights. It made us realize that what we share is important, and life changing. We saw that there are people out there who do “get” what we share who have made huge changes in their lives as a result of it.

We were at the point where we needed to decide if this was something that we would continue doing. In fact, we were even looking at TOTALLY and COMPLETELY changing it all and starting something very different which was pretty difficult to contemplate considering how hard we have worked to get to where we are today. Sometimes, you do your best to put across what you do, but for some reason, the message isn’t communicated in the right way. After all, we know the results it has given us because we live it every day so how do you put that out there clearly for people to understand?

In the process, it was like the Universe actually FORCED us to sit down for a few minutes and take a look at what we had come through, and instead of being ashamed of it, to be proud of it for once.

I know that for me, in the past, I was not a great person and even though I have come a long way, I am sometimes still very ashamed of the things I did in the past. We are continually learning and growing, and so for now, I just do the best that I can to ensure I don’t go back. I am still very hard on myself, however, when I look back, I know that this is nothing compared to the hell I used to put myself (and others) through even through some tend to disagree with this. So spending time working on forgiveness was very, very important as it helped us to understand that yes, there are things we still need to work on (personally and business) and that as we gain clarity (and acceptance and understanding) of who we truly are, the process becomes easier to handle and communicate. Instead of focusing on the things we were not doing, we changed focus and looked at the growth that had taken place.

In doing so we saw people we did not recognize at first.

And this got us thinking about how we define healthy – living a life free from the addictions (and not just the dirty ones) that trapped us for so long, and that was what we wanted to share with you today, amongst other things of course ;o) And that got us to keep going, no matter what.

7 simple things that you can apply STRAIGHT AWAY to see how simple and fun being truly healthy really is.


Happiness can be chosen in any given moment. It is your choice. Nobody else’s.Happiness is freedom from the things that keep us trapped, kicking addictions and habits and creating a simple, easy and fun way to live your life, not let your life live you.


Excitement is so closely related to fear that we forget what it is like to be excited. In fact, when we see someone overly excited, we tell them to calm down and stay focused. Today, become the excitement because out of excitement comes passion, andpassion can be very contagiousShare your passion with people because you never know who might need it.


Being healthy is about taking action. Whatever it is, just take action – small, simple steps to Taking Responsibility for the results that you have in your life. And know that taking action is not just about doing it all alone – it’s about creating a team in whatever you choose to do, find people to help and support you, and going out there and just doing it.


When was the last time you gave yourself a hug? When was the last time you flirted outrageously with your loved one, just like you did when you first met? When was the last time you loved everyone, regardless of what they had done but just loved them for the unique presence that they bring to the world by being them, doing the best that they can with what they have right now? Let go of judgment and just embrace unconditional love.


So often, we get caught up in the big things in life that we forget to take time out to smell the roses. To just sit and see the beauty, and the signs all around us. To sit and doodle and colour pictures like a child. To Pay Forward the things that have so freely been shared with you, just because you can. To laugh (and cry) with friends the old fashioned way. To walk along the river and just see all the bright lights and remember why you are where you are and why you CAN enjoy those simple things in life.


Your body is, by far, your most important asset. Without it you are stuffed. What you do (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) as well as what you feed yourself (again, on all levels) is reflected in the results that you get, and have right now. It’s not about being a radical in the way you approach things, it is about finding the BALANCE the suits you as the unique individual that you are and then listening to your own body and honoring it with everything you do.


Remember. This is YOUR life. Only YOU can do the things that YOU do in the way that YOU do them with the unique gifts that YOU have. YOU are the only person who does YOU, so start doing it more. Again, Take Responsibility for YOUR actions and results and BE the best friend, partner, lover, person that YOU would like to be around more – and have more of in your life.

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